Transfer Up Information & Advice


This service allows you to apply for a County Court judgment above £600.00 and less than 6 years old to be transferred from the County Court to the High Court for enforcement purposes. The transfer-up service is provided free of charge; however, the Court will charge a fee of £66 per writ sealed which is recoverable from the defendant on successful execution.

You can also use the transfer up service to transfer an order for possession to the High Court. Residential possession orders are subject to leave of the Court being obtained. For more information on the transfer of residential possession orders please visit the Vicks Enforcent website or contact us.

Other judgments & orders: If you have any other type of judgment or order then please contact us on 0330-010-1741 or email: transfers@transferjudgment.co.uk.
Please note: we are unable to transfer a judgment where the debt is based upon a regulated agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. (unless over £25,000 and agreed before 1st April 2008).

The transfer-up service can work in one of two ways, either;
> A full transfer-up - where we will generate and process the transfer form (N293A) and obtain the writ of control, or;
> A part transfer up - where you provide the transfer form (N293A) and we do the rest!

The transfer-up process usually takes between 7 and 14 working days; however, this is largely dependent upon County Court turnaround times and may take longer.

Return address: Transfers, Vicks Enforcement, 132-134 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 6DE or alternatively you can attach the form to an email and send it to: transfers@transferjudgment.co.uk  along with any other relevant documentation.  

To speed up the process you can make payment direct to us via BACS and we will make payment to the Court on the claimant’s behalf.

Important: Payments should be referenced with the claim number.

If the enforcement is successful the HCEO will recover the full amount of the judgment debt, enforcement fees, interest and any fixed costs you have incurred in issuing the writ.

Any funds recovered on your behalf will be remitted to you after the 14-day statutory period, (s.184 and s.346 Insolvency Act 1986). Funds are held in our client account and will be submitted after deduction of the statutory charges in respect of both fully and partly paid writs.

If execution is unsuccessful then the HCEO will charge a compliance fee of £75.00 + VAT (formally the abortive fee).

If you require help completing the transfer up form please contact either Vicks Enforcement or Frank G Whitworth for help.